Program 1

Program #1  | August 21, 2017 at 6:30PM
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American Deportation
USA | 4 min
Directed by Christopher Dea
Written by Jennifer Lyon

An American unhappy with the post-election results decides on a brilliant new plan!


USA | 16 min, 59 sec
Written & Directed by Craig Harwood
Starring: Dena Tyler, Em Grosland, Myra Thibault

An androgynous boy is forced to have lunch with his fathers new health-freak girlfriend.

USA | 9 min, 48 sec
Written & Directed by Katy Wright-Mead & Nicola Murphy
Starring: Ciaran O’Reilly, Gretchen Wylder, Kyle Schaefer, Sean Cullen, Patricia Buckley, Nicola Muprhy, Katy Wright-Mead, Adriana DeGiromali, Nick Vergara, Blake Merriman, Fergal Titley, Melissa Canaday, Roger Clark

Parker, a young female puppet of society has constructed the perfect persona, as a loyal campaign manager to her fiancé Matt. But when her dying father fails to recognize his only daughter, Parker finds herself questioning her identity.

Older Than What?
Canada | 12 min, 46 sec | Documentary
Directed by Steen Starr

Starring Carol Alan, Ma-Nee Chacaby, Natalie Collins, Pat Hogan, Lezlie Lee Kam, Bradford McIntyre, Bill Richardson, Glenn Saunders, Bill Sleno, Rhoma Spencer, Ruth Starr, Jane Traies

12 seniors answer 10 questions about aging and share stories about how they made history.


Canada | 8 minutes
Directed by Danny MAlin
Written by Ian Wilson
Starring Danny MAlin, Michelle Langlois Fequet, Frank Marrs, Julia Borsellino

Love’s in the air for Jane and John. But when their inner-voices get involved, the budding romance looks like it might falter before it even begins.

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