Program 3

PROGRAM #3 | September 12, 2017 at 6:15pm
Tickets $7 HERE

Arm Bar
USA | 10 min, 40 sec
Written & Directed by Ryan Kramer
Starring Latresa Baker, Ryan Barger, Victoria Wallace, Ricardo Manigat, Aaron Mitchum, Kris DeCastro

A young, aspiring MMA fighter, visits her local boxing gym to settle a dispute with the owner.

Bruce Loves You
USA | 9 min
Written & Directed by Darin Quan
Starring Stephanie Iscovitz, Sarah DuRivage-Jacobs, Chris Roberti

A ghost cheats on his girlfriend with her roommate and best friend.

USA | 13 min, 48 sec
Directed by Jesse R. Tendler
Written by Eric Grisanti & Robert Mosca
Starring William Jousset, Mike Starr, Dawn Jamieson, Trace Lysette

After being estranged for over 20 years, a young man confronts his terminally ill father, a former drug addict, who lies dying in the hospital.

USA | 14 min, 52 sec
Directed by Michael Abbott, Jr.
Written by Nancy Bleemer
Starring Joey Sorge, Alicia Harding, Bill English

A comedy about marriage: when you know, you know…or not.

These Wild Things
USA | 9 min, 7 sec
Directed by Samantha Smith
Written by Jamie Neumann
Starring Jamie Neumann, Joshua Mark Sienkiewicz

Two strangers collide on a desolate bayou road and form a bond under a most bizarre circumstance.

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