Program 4

Program #4 | September 12, 2017 at 8pm
Tickets: SOLD OUT ONLINE. To be put on the wait list, arrive by 7:45pm.


USA | 6 min, 5 sec
Written & Directed by Nick Singer
Starring Phoebe Young, Peter Jensen

On a sultry, mid-summer day, a restless young girl’s actions strain her relationships with her father and her canine best friend.

USA | 5 min, 44 sec
Directed by Aaron Goddard
Written by Katie Lock O’Brien
Starring Tim O’Leary, Chris Gross, Kristin Goddard, Blake Silver, Jessica Carleton

In the wake of the Apocalypse, two roadside entrepreneurs try to revive the American Dream as they see it.

Neon Dream
Mexico | 10 min, 55 sec
Written & Directed by Humberto Flores
Starring Robert Teague, Brandon DeSpain, Vasso Elaine Moulavassilis, Nicolas Bobby Brito, Alexander Cintron

A man’s journey looking for redemption.

USA | 17 min, 45 sec
Directed by Jon Barr
Written by Brianna Delgado
Starring Salomé Martínez Lutz, Faith Jasso, Lauren Poole

A New Mexican folktale forces a Hispanic grandmother to choose between her family and her pride.

One Minute of Resistance
UK | 1 min | Documentary
Directed by Lucas Wilde

Young English filmmaker Lucas Wilde captures the beauty and pain of the 2017 Women’s March Protest in Los Angeles.

Cyprus | 14 min, 56 sec
Written & Directed by Andreas Sheittanis
Starring Constantinos Tsiolis, Sofoclis Kaskaounias, Demetris Kafataris, George Anagiotos, Charis Aristidou, Violeta Lorens, Loucas Louca.

The most mediocre superheroes are coming!