Spring 2016

DAMN! Film Series returns with its second season line-up, three programs of short films for Spring 2016 at Theaterlab (357 W 36th St., 3rd Floor, NYC).

One of these filmmakers will be awarded a $2,000 cash grant for his or her next film.

PROGRAM #1 | March 1, 2016

American Gladiators
(dir Lara Jean Gallagher | US | 10 min, 47 sec)
Jean’s rivalry is put on hold when she realizes her sick little sister may actually die.

(dir Eryn Montgomery | US | Running Time: 16 min, 31 sec)
A portrait of youth and loneliness, freedom and heartbreak. Desperate for love and attention, Rory struggles to keep control of her life, and risks losing what little she has left.

(dir Carmen Jimenez | US | 15 min, 52 sec)
After her husband dies, Nieves inherits his job as the super of a decaying apartment complex in New York City. But the job becomes more difficult than she anticipated when she discovers a disturbing secret in one of the units. In English & Spanish

(dir Brey Browne | US | 2 min, 37 sec)
An unbreakable bond between a brother and sister will endure an unimaginable obstacle that they will be forced to overcome.

Water from the Moon
(dir Ellen Burns | Bali, Indonesia | 11 min, 30 sec)
Set on the magical island of Bali, Indonesia, a young boy uses his active imagination as a coping mechanism to deal with the recent death of his mother.


PROGRAM #2 | March 28, 2016

The Banaue Boy
(dir Robert Anzio | Philippines | 16 min, 17 sec)A sexually inexperienced boy from the remote rice terraces of a small Philippines village tries to win the heart of a city girl. In Tagalog.

(dir Natalia Lampropoulou | Greece | 15 min)
The story takes place in 2035. In this world, the e-A&Ω Corporation can create holograms that are identical to dead people based on their social networks. Anna recently lost her husband, so she decides to create his hologram. In Greek

Pepper and the Salt Sea
(dir Don Downie | US | 14 min, 41 sec)
After losing everything in Superstorm Sandy, a devastated photographer tries to forget that she ever loved the sea. Until a mermaid appears, to seduce her into picking up her camera again.

(dir Harperlee Rogers | US | 6 min, 18 sec)
A curious photographer lives through her camera and views the world through her lens.  However by doing so she may be losing touch with humanity.

What’s Inside the Cage?
(dir Suzannah Herbert | US | 6 min, 7 sec)
A glimpse of girlhood in Memphis, Tennessee.


PROGRAM #3 | April 2016

A Conversational Place
(dir Bob Giraldi | US | 13 min, 23 sec)
A narcissistic voice over teacher discovers something surprising during a lesson with an insecure student.

Danny Dynamite
(dir Henry Drayton | US | 14 min, 43 sec)
A high school dweeb wants to take the hottest girl in school to prom. The only problem is, she only dates badass guys. He realizes the only way to get her to notice him is to get in touch with his bad side. With guidance from his animated wrestling action figure ‘Danny Dynamite’ he devises a devious plan to steal the prom dress she’s always wanted.

Estocolmo (Stockholm)
(dir Alvaro Martin | Spain | 9 min)
Writing a school report about your father’s occupation can be a challenge — especially when his work is disturbing. In Spanish.

Ministry of Guilt
(dir Detsky Graffam | UK | 10 min)
The Ministry of Guilt is coming.  Confess before it is too late.

My Sister Mosy
(dir Ted Limpert | US | 9 min, 50 sec)
Feeling abandoned by his sister, a stubborn young man relives his childhood memories at their family cabin while simultaneously trying to reconnect.


Pictured above: The Banaue Boy, directed by Robert Anzio.